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  Here are the basics of how the program works.

1. You apply for the program just like applying for any rental lease.

2. Based upon income etc you will be approved for a dollar amount telling you how much house the program will buy.

3. You go out with a Coldwell Banker REALTOR who is an expert on this program to look at all the homes for sale that fit your needs and budget.

4. The home must be in an above average school district. (Call for details if you wish)

5. The home is inspected by a licensed home inspector for defects and safety issues.

6. If the home passes and the home can be purchased at a fair price the program will buy the home for cash.

7. You are only obligated to a ONE year lease at market rates AND you know the lease rate before we even open the door to show you the home for sale.

8. During the one year Lease you will receive FREE assistance from Coldwell Banker Home Loans to rebuild your credit if you wish. This expert assistance alone is worth thousands of dollars.

9. The beauty of working with Coldwell Banker is that as the largest Real Estate brokerage in America we can do things others can not even dream of. We are the ONLY Real Estate brokerage that underwrites and funds its own mortgages. So we can approve people that mortgage brokers turn down!

10. You can walk away after the 1 year lease. Renew up to THREE years. OR you can buy the home at any point in time in the 3 years. So you get to "Test Drive" a home and test drive a neighborhood. If you don't like the home walk away without any penalty. You even get your security deposit back like any other lease.

Praised All Across America

This program has been praised by many members of the media including FOX News, ABC-TV, The Wall St. Journal, Bloomberg Businessweek and many others all across America.


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